ALE in stores today!

The album „ALE” released by the record label Sony Music is available in stores! Listening to the previous publications one can see that they go from jazz, mellow pop, fascinating rhythms of Brazil, and to the new album trying to achieve an original sound by replacing the classical instruments with unusual sounds, into the land of retro where the word “diva” did not mean "capricious star," but "a personality" and when you could sing a song about the most important issues in an original yet light way, even if the topic it covers is difficult and heavy. This is also the same Dorota – she is nostalgic, old-fashioned and ever seeking, ever alert to new sounds and experimentation all at the same time. The album is ambiguous, joggling with music and words, and owes its noble and warm sound to the creators and the great musicians who have accepted the invitation to participate in this project.

- You have recorded an album which is a portrait of a modern woman. A woman who is romantic, sensitive, but also emancipated.

- I'm not sure if "emancipated" is the right word here. Maybe ... It seems to me that the songs on this album are a bit movie-like, some are funny, others wistful . Them being movie-like lies in the fact that you can see it in your imagination, add your story to them, live it through like through a movie. 

:: listen to excerpts →
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