„Bajgelman Get To Tango"

2020 Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne

David Beigelman is a very vivid and important character of the musical world of the Polish interbellum and war period. This musician, composer and conductor was, for many years strongly rooted in Łódź. He composed music for the theatre and cabaret, conducted many orchestras and wrote popular hit songs, yet he will be most remembered as the author of the heartrending musical stories from the times of the Shoah – the songs which were composed in the Łódź ghetto.

The project reaches to the extensive collection of the pieces composed by this artist from Łódź. Selected pieces written by Beigelman were arranged and processed by the distinguished musician and composer, Jarosław Bester, the founder and leader of the renown ensemble, Bester Quartet. This is an artist with immense imagination and sensitivity who, in his own, idiosyncratic way, is able to transcript the magic of sound into the musical worlds of classics and contemporary jazz music.

The band leader, playing the accordion, is accompanied by the eminent musicians making up the Bester Quartet: Ryszard Pałka – drums, Dawid Lubowicz – violin and Maciej Adamczyk – double bass. Bester also invited two exceptional instrumental players to take part in “Get to Tango”: the celloist Krzysztof Lenczowski and the trumpeter Michał Bylica.

The vocal cast is absolutely star-studded: Grażyna Auguścik – the unquestionable first lady of the Polish jazz, living in the USA for many years now and well-acclaimed on both sides of the ocean; Dorota Miśkiewicz – gifted with an outstanding talent and sense of musical phrase, a laureate of many prestigious awards and festivals and Jorgos Skolias – a legendary artist of the jazz musical scene with an extraordinary and intriguing vocal and remarkable improvisation skills.

1. Der weg cum glik | Droga do szczęścia | The Road to Happiness
2. Nit kajn rożinkes | Nie ma już rodzynek | No More Raisins Left
3. Klejner wolkn | Mała chmurko | Little Cloud
4. Grzech | Sin                                          
5. Cygajner lid | Cygańska pieśń | Gypsy Song
6. Ich ganwe in der nacht | Kradnę nocą | I Steal by Night
7. Kinder jorn | Dziecięce lata | Childhood Years
8. Jidn szmidn | Żydzi kują | Jews Are Hammering
9. Josl-ber | Patriota | A Patriot
10. Mach cu di ejgelech | Oczęta swoje zmruż | Close Your Eyes