Culture in sight!

Legalna Kultura (Legal Culture) has launched a whole polish project „Kultura na Widoku” (Culture In Sight) whose ambassador is Dorota Miśkiewicz. The aim of this project is to promote legitimate sources of culture and at the same time celebrate the 25th anniversary of Free Poland. On special stands set in the biggest cities in Poland digitalized underground works from Solidarity times meet contemporary culture in digital reality. The project was awarded with „Patronage of the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski. 25th anniversary of Free Poland”
On the MUSIC stand one can find Dorota Miśkiewicz’s album „ALE”.

The stands hold digital versions of contemporary works for all generations. There are over 600 books, films, games and songs available for download. To get any of these one needs to connect to wi-fi and download chosen titles via QR codes or links. Half of the materials presented is available free of charge, while the other half can be bought at reasonable promo prices. All the works offered link to their legal sources so as to make the recipients familiar with those sources and thus more likely to use them in the future.

The main goal of the campaign is to promote conscious and legal partake in culture. Through „Kultura na Widoku” the Foundation wants to spread the knowledge about the existence of a modern and easy access to culture from legitimate sources, making recipients aware that these sources came into being as a result of the transformation and thus constitute a common good for which we are all responsible.

More information:  www.kulturanawidoku.pl

Gdańsk, fot. Krzysztof Mystkowski

Warszawa, Krzysztof Król, fot. Przemek Blechman