„Cyniczne Córy Zurychu”

2015 Mystic Production, premiere 18.03.

Artur Andrus - a journalist, a poet, an author of many books and songs, a comedian, a singer and a compere all in one person, has released his latest album "Cyniczne córy Zurychu" ("The Cynical Daughters of Zurich"). Lukasz Borowiecki and Wojciech Stec took care of the musical production of the record. One can find a lot of fun here, different styles of music and most of all - puns that bring a smile to the faces of listeners. A Christmas pastorale, in which Dorota Miśkiewicz sings "Bambino Jazzu” is a humorous suggestion that you can sing Christmas carols to jazz . Alongside Dorota there are also other wonderful jazzmen featuring in this recording, including Andrzej Jagodziński, Robert Majewski and even Jan "Ptaszyn" Wroblewski himself! Who said you can’t record a Christmas songs in spring? We figure the album will be a bestseller, just like the previous releases by this artist.

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1. Nie zaczynaj
2. Baba na psy
3. Szalona Krewetka
4. Mona Lisa – rodowód
5. Orzeł może
6. Nazywali go Marynarz – szanta narciarska
7. Diridonda
8. Cyniczne córy Zurychu
9. Biodro ułana
10. Zając na Manhattanie
11. Bambino Jazzu
12. Twarz Moniuszki
13. Baba na psy – kynologiczny rock liryczny