On the cover

On March 20th the latest issue of an exclusive Polish magazine Wysokie Obcasy Extra hit the stores with Dorota on its cover. Inside you can find a photo shoot and an extensive interview with the singer. In this interview Dorota tells us what moves her, what makes her strong, and how did professional and family life shape her. Below we quote only a short piece.

- Did anyone from your family expect you to become a doctor or a lawyer?
Maybe they did... (laughs). But could it really happen in such a family? My dad- as you probably know- plays saxophone, mum is a known concert promoter and she also used to run music classes for children. When my brother and me were small she taught us songs and accompanied me to vocal contests. It seemed only natural for me to follow my parents’ footsteps.  Music was always present in our house - we listened to records which my dad used to bring from his tours abroad, we sang carols together during Christmas. We also went to concerts. I can still remember my first Jazz Jamboree - Ula Dudziak with Walk Away, Michael Brecker. It was then that I discovered live jazz is an incredible force.  
- What did you gain from tempering yourself on the stage, in the spotlight?
Self-assurance, a sense of calm, self-acceptance and acceptance of everything that surrounds me. I have my feet on the ground now. But not so long ago, when I was invited to Cracow for the "a5" publishing house jubilee I was really anxious and the fear came back. The guests on the event were poets, Wisława Szymborska was there. The greatest Polish poets that I could only bow before and there was I, expected to sing something…Marek Napiórkowski (Dorota’s life partner) told me then: “Remember you are a great singer and that’s why they invited you. You don’t have to be a poetry expert. It’s enough that you’re moved by it. You are only expected to know how to sing.” That’s what I build my strength on: I don’t have to be an expert in everything.