Pawbeats Orchestra and rappers

Pawbeats is a musician, producer, composer connected with polish hip-hop scene. He is opened for different music styles, so he decided to create Pawbeats Orchestra which gathers musicians from hip-hop, jazz, pop and classical music. On the stage you can meet popular rappers (Pezet, Onar, Zeus, Bisz, Tymek), vocalists (Grubson, Marika, Natalia Grosiak, Klaudia Szafrańska). Dorota Miśkiewicz is supposed to show Pawbeats’ audience a little bit of jazz singing. The hole concert is arranged for strings. You can see them on the concert tour.

12.10 Szczecin, 25.11 Kraków, 28.11 Toruń, 11.01 Gdańsk, 20.01 Białystok, 29.01 Łódź, 14.02 Wrocław, 16.02 Warszawa, 7.03 Katowice