"Piano.pl" encore!

The impossible became real! The spectacular Dorota Miśkiewicz's concert "PIANO.PL" with over a dozen of remarkable pianists is coming back in the full version during the three concerts in Poland. You will be able to experience it in Warsaw (31.10.2017), Wroclaw (17.12.2017) and in Katowice (28.04.2018). It appeared that the concert was impossible to be repeated and that gathering so many incredibly busy artists in one place and time could happen only once. Let us remind you that the premiere concert that took place in Warsaw in May 2016 had been planned 2 years in advance. In the face of this one-off event the consolation was a recording released by Universal in a CD, DVD and vinyl formats. It has been the only chance so far to repeat this extraordinary musical event with such a number of outstanding performers giving insight to pianistic tradition and the history of the Polish standards.
Since the premiere PIANO.PL project has been continued in the chamber version. Dorota Miśkiewicz has performed with three pianists representing three generations and a string quartet but she has still kept on dreaming of playing the concert in its full form. Her dreams were accompanied by logistic efforts so that the dates in schedules of concert halls matched the availability of all artists involved in the project. The power of dreams and determination - as it shows - makes things happen.
31.10.2017 – Warszawa, Teatr Roma
17.12.2017 – Wrocław, Narodowe Forum Muzyki
28.04.2018 – Katowice, NOSPR

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