Birthday concerts

My round birthday were celebrated in a very joyful atmosphere! It’s all thanks to the band „Narciarze” (The Skiers) who know all about the joy in performing music! Constantly by my side is Marek Napiórkowski - giving support, composing and rocking it on his guitar! Sebastian Frankiewicz - a daring skier, drummer, an oasis of peace and rhythm refuge! Kuba Badach, one of the best vocalist in Poland, called in our occasional band as „the Italian bassist”, played bass guitar publicly for the first time ever in Poland during the concert in Jazz Café in Łomianki, being a great surprise for the audience. Kuba is an extraordinary person, no doubt about it, and also a great companion! As a guest appearance on stage was made by Krzysztof Napiórkowski - a man of many talents, musician, programmer, but most of all great voice! Suddenly, completely out of the blue, Wojciech Waglewski appeared on telebim, singing charismatically like only he can. Andrzej Roman was in charge of the sound, and he can manage in all circumstances and on all kinds of equipment! Thanks to Adam Krause we have a photo relation from the event, and it’s the 5th year in a row that Adam has been shooting us (a little anniversary!). We also have a video relation covered by Grzegorz Porowski! The people who celebrated with me were: Kazimierz Pułaski and Joanna Gajewska from Sony Music, with whom I have been working for years now; manager Kinga Janowska-Kuziak, without whom my concert life would be so much poorer and sadder; my parents, the best I could dream of; the owner of Jazz Cafe and my dear friend Ewa Fabczak. As always, the person responsible for all the surprises was Marta Antczak who is also in charge of my website (how long has it been?) and who supports me in all my online activities (and more). Marta is also engaged in a vey importat project - Legalna Kultura (legal culture). From my regular band we had on stage Robert Kubiszyn on bass, and as always he was amazing! Although the other members of the band could not be there with us, I would still like to remind you of them on this anniversary: Tomasz Kałwak, Robert Luty – the top shelf! Dear all, I want to thank you with all my heart! Mom and dad- thank you so much! Without you I would be weaker. You give me the energy, support and joy! Thank you also for all the wishes, through calls and online. Thank you my audience, present during the shows, buys my music and is active on various online profiles. Thank you!

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