Recent releases

Dorota is a singer on a lookout! We've know it for a while already! Let us recall that up till now she has been nominated for the "Fryderyk" award (prestigious awards of the Polish recording industry) in three different categories: jazz, pop and classical music! Will she be nominated for hip-hop this time ?! Collaboration with Taktoprawda just opened this doors! In a unique way the musicians combine the jazz-rock approach with hip-hop music, translating the language of samples and tottering rhythms on to live instruments.
Together with the rapper Ńemy, Dorota performs a song inspired by the works of Soundgarden...
In addition, this year saw the release of "Cyniczne Córy Zurychu" ("The Cynical Daughters of Zurich") - the album by a journalist, singer, and a comedian, who has recently been enjoying huge popularity in Poland - Artur Andrus. The song "Bambino Jazzu" pertaining to the subject of singing carols to jazz, which has already received a music video, proves that carols in a jazzy manner can be sang the whole year round!

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