2015 Kalejdoskop Records 2015

Taktoprawda is a proof that even the most absurd ideas can be realized when one does not dwell on it too long.
It's an exception that doesn't not prove anything but does attract talents that have methods to the madness. It is surprising (just as winter is to snow plough drivers), it storms brains and adds value by breaking quarter notes.
In a unique way the musicians combine the jazz-rock approach with hip-hop music, translating the language of samples and tottering rhythms on to live instruments. Breaking down the barriers between musical styles, TTP invites the most interesting voices of Polish music scene to take part in this cooperation.

Mateusz Modrzejewski - drums
Tymoteusz Miłowanow - guitar
Bartek Łuczkiewicz - bass

1. Biblioteki
2. Son of a Black Hole feat. Dorota Miśkiewicz & Ńemy
3. Niecodzienność feat. Igorilla
4. Korsarze i Lalki feat. Pablopavo

mix, production: Mothashipp
mastering: Jacek Gawłowski
graphic: Michał Bryndal
Kalejdoskop Records 2015