To sing before Marsalis!

There are a lot of concerts these days, from "Piano.pl" in the full version to chamber duets with Marek Napiórkowski or Marcin Wasilewski. Dorota is also invited to many other projects. She will soon be the guest of the most popular jazz musician in Poland, unique pianist - Leszek Możdżer - in the "Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa" festival. But the most important in her concert life was the opening performance for Wynton Marsalis' concert in the event "Radio Szczecin dla Niepodległej" (Radio Szczecin for Independence). On 5 Feb 2018 she was accompanied by fantastic musicians from all over the world: Freddie Henrix (tr), Rob Bargad (p), Paul Beaudry (b), Eric Allen (dr), all led by the saxophonist from Szczecin - Sylwester Ostrowski. Note that Darius Brubeck (the son of famous Dave Brubeck) also joined this galaxy. After their show Wynton Marsalis entered the stage with his great Jazz At the Lincoln Center. Although the concert in the radio studio could be attended only by the chosen ones (literally several dozen people) it was broadcast by many Polish radio stations and watched on the Internet in HD version all over the world. Poland celebrates 100th anniversary of getting back its independence and Radio Szczecin decided to honour it with a lavish ceremony.