Dorota serves "Tuna"

"Tunczyk" (Tuna) is an original, energetic song done in a light , pop-jazz atmosphere with ethnic accents, which focuses on the love of ... raw tuna! This is a song with a grain of salt - a woman with a big appetite for life who eats a lot, often and not with just anyone. Only a real man can share this passion with her. 'Cause the girl likes trying things from someone else's plate - and that's not always the cheapest food! Like sushi with tuna ... - she jokingly warns. She is a lady who eats slowly bit by bit, with taste, just like she lives her life. Because, most importantly, the song is about the passion of life. The idea for the song, as the singer says , came from the need for a different theme among so many songs created yet about love!

Dorota sings as readily as she cooks - When I cook I do it with passion and joy. I do not do that often. Eating is way easier than cooking.  Single version of the song differs slightly from that on the record. Radio edit of "Tunczyk" is also accompanied by drums and bass. Moreover, the song has a series of illustrations created by Małgorzata Herba. Underwater accents, Japanese styling and the ubiquitous sushi reflect character of the piece perfectly and show Dorota Miśkiewicz in a new light. 

.:: OBEJRZYJ ilustracje do "Tuńczyka" ::.
.:: OBEJRZYJ video do singla ::.

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